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Yuval Yeret, Agile Coach at AgileSparks

/photos/speakers/yuval_yeret.gif Yuval is an Agile Coach ,helping individuals and organization ease their path to Agility and Engineering excellence, focusing on Kanban, Scrum, Lean, and effective R&D in general. He built and is leading the Kanban practice in AgileSparks, the leading Lean/Agile professional services firm in Israel. In this role, he is designing and implementing kanban-influenced solutions at a variety of organizations , including several enterprise-scale global R&D organizations.

Yuval comes from the R&D management world where he practiced what he now preaches.
Starting 1994, Yuval held various positions in IT and R&D, leading up to VP R&D of several IT technology startups where he introduced agile methodologies, as well as served as Product Owner on various occasions.
Yuval is a practicing CSM since 2007, a CSP and CSPO as well as participated in David Anderson's advanced Kanban coaches class.
Yuval holds a BA in Math and Computer Sciences from the Tel Aviv Open University.