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Patrick Chanezon, Google, Inc


Patrick Chanezon is API Evangelist at Google since 2005. These days his main interests are the OpenSocial API and social software, Google APIs, REST and Ajax, Ruby, Javascript, Java, PHP, and Python.

Previously he has been working on portals, blogs and syndication feeds at Sun Microsystems, AOL and Netscape. He's the co-founder of the ROME - Atom and RSS utilities in java open source project and the OSSGTP (Open Source Get Together Paris) group.

More on his blog at http://wordpress.chanezon.com/

Patrick is french, so he takes long vacations in the summer and likes to drink red wine with baguette and stinky cheese while wearing a beret. Apart from programming and reading books his main interest in life is spending time with his wife and 3 kids.

Attended conferences

JAOO 2008