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Marc Prud'hommeaux, SolarMetric

/alltime/images/speakers/marc_hommeaux.bmp Marc Prud'hommeaux is a Senior Software Engineer at SolarMetric. He was the lead engineer on the JDO/J2EE integration making Kodo the most effective data access tool in multi-tier architectures. He has been instrumental in developing Swing/GUI tools to make Kodo easier to use and has worked on much of the core O/R mapping facilities in Kodo, including several inheritance strategies, allowing Kodo to support more mappings than any other O/R mapping tool on the market. Finally, Marc has been instrumental in ensuring that SolarMetric's test-driven development practices. Prior to co-founding SolarMetric, Marc was a key member of the TechTrader R and D effort. Marc also worked for MIL 3 (now Opnet Technologies), the leader in network simulation software. Marc holds a BA in Math and Philosophy from Cornell University.

Attended conferences

JAOO 2005