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Ramnivas Laddad, AOP Guru, AspectJ In Action Author

/photos/speakers/ramnivas_laddad.png Ramnivas Laddad is an author, speaker, consultant, and trainer specializing in aspect-oriented programming and J2EE. His most recent book, "AspectJ in Action: Practical aspect-oriented programming" (Manning, 2003), has been labeled as the most useful guide to AOP/AspectJ. He has been developing complex software systems using technologies such as Java, J2EE, AspectJ, UML, networking, and XML for over a decade. Ramnivas is an active member of the AspectJ community and has been involved with aspect-oriented programming from its early form. He speaks regularly at many conferences such as JavaOne, No Fluff Just Stuff, JavaPolis, Software Development, EclipseCon, and O'Reilly OSCON. Ramnivas lives in Princeton, New Jersey.