Agile Leadership Summit
How to Lead Business Agility
May 5th, 2008 - San Francisco

Presented by Trifork & Accelinnova

Meet, talk and listen to leaders who have applied agile principles to their business enterprise. Discover how to lead agile in your organization and scale agile development practices. Connect with Agile Leaders, Program or Business Managers, Project Portfolio Managers. Be a part of one of the fastest growing trends in the technology industry.

Agile Business Leadership Summits provide working sessions with dynamic presenters such as David Anderson, Sue McKinney, Kent McDonald and Pollyanna Pixton. Hear panel discussions with agile leaders from Fortune 500 companies and participate in think tank breakout sessions. Network with other business leaders at breaks and social events.

In this one-day interactive summit, leaders come together to present and discuss how to:

  • Foster innovation and minimize chaos.
  • Get more done by doing less.
  • Focus on maximizing value during execution.
  • Sustain your competitive advantage and lead in your changing marketplace.
  • Operationalize change throughout every layer of the organization.

APLN Leadership Summit, Dallas, TX - 2008-02-21/22APLN Leadership Summit, Dallas, TX - 2008-02-21/22APLN Leadership Summit, Dallas, TX - 2008-02-21/22APLN Leadership Summit, Dallas, TX - 2008-02-21/22APLN Leadership Summit, Dallas, TX - 2008-02-21/22

APLN Leadership Summit, Dallas, TX - 2008-02-21/22APLN Leadership Summit, Dallas, TX - 2008-02-21/22APLN Leadership Summit, Dallas, TX - 2008-02-21/22APLN Leadership Summit, Dallas, TX - 2008-02-21/22APLN Leadership Summit, Dallas, TX - 2008-02-21/22 

This Agile Leadership Summit provides:

  • Networking opportunities throughout the day
  • Speakers addressing how to lead their organizations to become agile.
  • "Think Tank" sessions on Agile Leadership with topics addressing advanced leadership tools, experiences, lessons learned, and issues yet to be resolved, decided by the group.
  • A panel discussion over lunch where practicing agile leaders will discuss the largest issues facing agile leaders in their enterprise.
  • Networking social at the end of the day to review think tank solutions and suggestions.

Pollyanna Pixton, President Evolutionay systems

Stig Efsen, Vice President, Trifork


Speakers and Presenters

David Anderson, Founder and Principal Consultant, Modus Cooperandi

Todd Little, Senior Development Manager, Landmark Graphics, Inc. 

Kent McDonald, Business Systems Coach, Knowledge Bridge Partners

Sue McKinney, VP Cross-SWG Integration and Development Transformation, IBM Software Group  

Pollyanna Pixton, President, Evolutionary Systems

Steve Greene, Director, Tools & Processes,

Rich Mironov, CMO, Enthiosys

Mike Maciag, CEO, Electric Cloud 

Mark Striebeck, Engineering Manager, Google  

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Who Should Attend

The summit targets both new and seasoned Agile leaders/managers – and targets both organizational leaders, product leaders, program/portfolio managers and project leaders. This is your chance to spend a whole day with some of the leading experts in the area of Agile Leadership, to network with with other agile leaders/managers and to share your experiences and concerns with those who are in the same situation as yourself.

About Agile Leadership Summit

The organizers of the Agile Leadership Summit events is a joint venture between Accelinnova and Trifork A/S, the organizer of JAOO Denmark for more than a decade.

Since 1996, Trifork has organized JAOO - a conference for software developers, architects and project managers. JAOO is an annual event in Aarhus, Denmark which attracts more than 1000 participants.

Trifork has gone global with conferences in UK, US and Australia keeping the independency of large companies and using the international network of speakers, researchers and trendsetters in the IT industry. 

Accelinnova was formed to help leaders lead their enterprises at the speed they want to move. We looked for proven tools to address the business issues and challenges leaders face as their market rapidly shifts around them.

But, tools are only useful if they work - and can change as business markets change. At Accelinnova, we are aware of the need to evolve since our leadership tools are all about embracing change.

To keep our tools useful and effective, we have brought together some of the best minds in the business world to provide you with updated tools and best practices. In addition to the Accelinnova Leadership Team, we formed a consortium of thought leaders we call our Network Partners, who we meet with quarterly to review the effectiveness of Accelinnova tools in practice, update them as needed, and expand the leadership models behind these tools. 

To find out how we can help you put the Accelinnova Leadership Tools to work in your organization with our Leadership Team or any of our Network Partners, contact us at +1 612 605 2370 or via email at

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