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CTO Werner Vogels, Amazon.com

CTO Werner  Vogels Dr. Werner Vogels is Vice President & Chief Technology Officer at Amazon.com where he is responsible for driving the technology vision to continuously enhance the innovation on behalf of Amazon's customers at a global scale.
Prior to joining Amazon, he worked as a research scientist at Cornell University where he was a principal investigator in several advanced research projects that target the scalability and robustness of mission-critical enterprise computing systems. He has held positions of VP of Technology and CTO in companies that handled the transition of academic technology into industry.
Vogels holds a Ph.D. from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and has authored a large number of articles for journals and conferences, most of them on distributed systems technologies for enterprise computing. He is a long time blogger at the All Things Distributed weblog

Presentation: "The Amazon.com Technology Platform: Building Blocks for Innovation"

Track:   SOA - What's Left to Say?

Time: Monday 09:00 - 10:00

Location: Conference Hall

Abstract: In modern enterprises specific business offerings are often build on a core technology platform. Opening up this platform for innovation of partners will lead to a better utilization of the core competencies. Amazon.com has undergone the transformation from application to platform provider and an increasing number of diverse businesses are built on the Amazon.com platform. Platform customers range from retail partners, who integrate at the data level, to enterprise partners who consume platform services, to innovative start-ups who consume fundamental services such as S3, the Amazon storage service. This presentation will dive deep into how technology and architecture have enabled Amazon.com to become a platform provider, while still innovating its technology base at internet speed. Although Amazon.com's scale makes them seem an extreme case, there are lessons learned from this transformation that will be of use to every enterprise looking to provide its technologies as a service or to consume services of business partners.

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