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Trackhost: Michael Stal, Siemens Corporate Technology

Trackhost: Michael  Stal

Michael Stal is Senior Principal Engineer at Siemens Corporate Technology where he leads a team focusing on Middleware and Application Integration. He is member of the OMG, former member of the ANSI X3J16 working group for C++ standardization, and editor of the magazine Java Spektrum.

His main interests comprise OO, Java, Networked Systems and Software Architecture. Michael also served as co-author for the POSA book series (Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture). He published many articled and gave numerous talks world-wide why he is also member of several Frequent Flyer programs. In his spare-time among many other interests he is enjoying his favorite soccer team and preventing his cats from destroying his apartment.

Presentation: "Overview: .NET Client Applications"

Track:   .NET Client Applications

Time: Tuesday 10:15 - 10:45

Location: SAS Suecia

Abstract: In .NET a great bunch of GUI technologies is available. And the number of technologies is steadily increasing: Windows.Forms, ASP.NET, ATLAS (AJAX), WPF, WPF/e, Smart Clients, without guarantee for completeness. The talk .NET Client Applications will give an overview of the different kinds of .NET Client applications available today and their motivation. A special focus will be the relationship between Enterprise applications and GUI technology. The talk won't cover all the areas in detail as this will be part of the following talks in the track.

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Presentation: "It's Spring again - Lightweight .NET Containers"

Track:   .NET Enterprise Development

Time: Wednesday 09:45 - 10:45

Location: SAS Suecia

Abstract: The Spring framework has gained significant impact in the Java universe. This is due to the fact that Spring represents a lightweight framework that extensively uses Dependency Injection (DI). DI-based containers support engineering of solutions that don't introduce dependencies on specific middleware solutions, container infrastructures, Web frameworks, or database systems. While Spring got wide spread among Java developers, .NET developers couldn't leverage a similar technology until first the Pico Container implementation for .NET and then an Open Source implementation of the more powerful Spring.NET framework appeared. The session will illustrate the general concepts of Dependency Injection and then introduce the Spring .NET framework. English and C# are being used as the presentation languages.

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