Convince Your Boss!
- 6 good reasons to go to JAOO!

In case you have trouble convincing your boss why you should join JAOO please see below for good arguments and reasons to go!

News - get the latest hot news

Through good research and connections with trendsetters in the industry JAOO is able to invite both upcomming and established speakers presenting the latest news. Join JAOO and stay updated on technologies, trends and methods.

Visions - personal value added

JAOO invites speakers with visions and wit, people with viewpoints and with an interest in sharing and discussing their points of view. Come to learn and take your personal viewpoint on new visions in engineering, methods and best practices with you.

Reflection - see your daily work in a new perspective

Learn from established speakers and exchange experience with colleagues. The sessions and panels inspire you to debate and exchange aspects on your daily work with other participants. Mirror your own experience in others projects and experiences!

Inspiration to do things better

JAOO has a catalytic effect on inspiration to improve your work by using new and more effective methods. The JAOO week inspires you to search out and evaluate new ways to design systems, how to code, communicate with clients and end-users. In short; inspiration from start to the end of a project.

Training is part of JAOO

JAOO is to be considered as one week of education. At any time during the conference you can choose between five different sessions, making a personal choice whether the session should be more or less educational. When you join the tutorials you get to choose between a classic lecture form or hands-on tutorials where you get educated to use new knowledge on the spot.

Maturity - as the industry, JAOO is also growing

JAOO is non-commercial, non-academic: It's something in between. And as the software industry is growing so are we. This means that we plan a JAOO week to cover a whole lot of different aspects and perspectives on all the tracks presented. Still growing does not necessarily mean becoming boring - we are still a fun conference!