About JAOO

JAOO is the premier European developer conference on software technology, methods and best practices. The conference presents in-depth presentations and tutorials by researchers, engineers and trend-setters in software engineering and technology. The sessions range from technical presentations with a lot of source code and nitty-gritty details to overviews of a field of technologies and management views.

Participants' profile

At JAOO 2006 we expect 1200 participants. Around 2/3 of the participants are software developers. The rest are project managers and decision makers in such fields as Java, .NET, XP, Agile, project management and more, where they have industry-wide influence on the IT-strategic decision making process. Participants are mainly from Europe.

JAOO in Aarhus

The conference is held in Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark. The conference area is located downtown next to City Hall. Once in Aarhus, you will find yourself in a cosy city with an international atmosphere, many cafés, shopping facilities, ongoing nightlife, museums, and a cultural center for both modern and historical museums.


Scandinavian Center
Margrethepladsen 1
DK-8000 Aarhus C

Musikhuset Aarhus
Thomas Jensens Allé
8000 Aarhus C