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Morgan Björkander, Telelogic

 Morgan  Björkander Morgan Björkander is a consultant at Telelogic, where he has been working with modeling tools and processes for more than ten years with a focus on developing distributed real-time systems. He has worked for several years within the OMG to further develop UML, and was actively involved in the creation of UML 2.0, where he among other things led the creation of the language kernel. Today, he is helping customers get the most out of UML.

Presentation: "Testing UML Models"

Track:   MDA

Time: Tuesday 16:00 - 16:45

Location: ARoS Auditoriet

Abstract: When looking at MDA you are immediately confronted with transformations between models or between models or code, and it is sometimes easy to forget the cornerstones of systems engineering: making sure that you are doing the right thing and that it works correctly. The testing profile is an extension of UML 2.0 that brings testing capabilities to the table, and allows you to express test cases, test components, and verdicts in the same language in which you are modeling the system. Using these new features, you can create unit tests for your modeled classes and verify that it actually adheres to those tests. Most importantly, this approach lets you create your tests at the same time as you design your system. Interestingly enough, the implementation of the testing profile makes use of model to model transformations, specifically to convert sequence diagrams into state machines to enable test executions.

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