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Olivier Caudron, InterSystems Benelux

 Olivier  Caudron Olivier is an InterSystems Sales Engineer based in Brussels. He provides consultancy for the business and technical needs of customers to deliver optimum solutions using InterSystems technology. He is a graduate in Computer Science from the University of Namur, Belgium. Olivier has a broad experience in managing projects and development teams, especially in the Finance industry using various technologies including object-oriented ones. Whilst he has several years practice as a J2EE and EAI consultant, in his recent past he worked for Sybase, and Manpower. He has always been a true believer in Java technology.

Presentation: "ObjectScript"

Track:   Scripting And Dynamics

Time: Monday 14:30 - 15:30

Location: SAS Nortvegia


ObjectScript is a widely used, mature, powerful and easy to learn language equipped with a complete object-oriented model including multiple inheritance, polymorphism, collections, and complex data types. ObjectScript has all the characteristics of dynamic scripting languages, including a weakly-typed model, short list of versatile commands, direct console command shell and dynamic debugging.

ObjectScript provides a high-performance persistence engine for efficient storage and retrieval of class instances. The most unique feature of this engine is that it creates relational structures for the class structures automatically: no object-relational mapping is required, and the engine can be used as a high-grade relational database as well as a powerful native object-oriented database.

ObjectScript has native interfaces for many object-oriented languages, including Java, Microsoft .NET, C++, Python, Perl, and others, and provides facilities for automatic generation and deployment of impedance mismatch-free EJBs. The data can also be accessed in full relational mode using industry-standard ANSI 92 SQL via a JDBC, ODBC or ADO.Net interface, and it supports Hibernate, JDO, and other OO/Relational mapping tools.

This presentation will review the characteristics of the scripting language, including its object-oriented model and persistence capabilities, and will conclude by describing its relation to Java.

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