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Ulrik P. Schultz, University of Southern Denmark

 Ulrik P. Schultz Ulrik P. Schultz is an associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark. He is currently involved with the PalCom project, where he directs the research on runtime environments, including virtual machines and impacts on language design. He has previously been involved in the development of a next-generation software platform for the Danish hi-fi producer B & O . His research interests including programming languages, software engineering, pervasive computing, and compilers.

Presentation: "Towards a virtual machine for ubiquitous computing environments."

Track:   Platforms For Embedded Software

Time: Tuesday 14:30 - 15:30

Location: SAS Suecia

Abstract: The Palpable Computing (PalCom) research project offers a vision of ubiquitous/ambient computing where the automatic operation of computing devices throughout the physical environment is complemented by user awareness and control. In this talk, we present the current development of a reference virtual machine implementation for palpable computing systems, based on the OSVM approach to flexible yet efficient embedded systems. We discuss both general technical issues in the PalCom open architecture and more specific topics such as reflection for end-user manipulation of devices, virtual machine language independence, scalability from small embedded systems to larger (e.g., mobile phone size) systems, and lightweight multi-user/multi-application support in virtual machines.

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