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Tom Baeyens, JBoss

 Tom  Baeyens Tom Baeyens is the founder and lead of the JBoss jBPM process management system. He represents JBoss in two expert groups in the Java Community Process (JCP): JSR 207 "Process Definition for Java" and JSR 208 "Java Business Integration". Tom is a frequent speaker about Java and BPM on conferences like e.g. JavaOne, JavaPolis and JBossWorld

Presentation: "Workflow, BPM, orchestration and Java"

Track:   J2EE"

Time: Tuesday 16:00 - 16:45

Location: Conference Hall 2


This session proposes a foundational model for dealing with workflow, Business Process Management (BPM) and orchestration in an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language. Up to now, such a model was absent and that is a barrier for mass adoption. It created a very fragmented landscape. As an illustration, imagine how the database world would look like without the relational model.

The difference between integration technologies and BPM is often confused. The introduction will put these in perspective and relate to technologies such as: BPEL, BPELJ, JBI and the likes.

We start the talk with showing precisely in which situations BPM-technologies are applicable. This is done by starting from common requirements and examining what kind of feature is missing in the Java platform.

The foundational model is called "Graph Oriented Programming" and it extends any Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language with support for wait states. In collaboration with the open source community we have evolved this model and created a simple but yet very powerful java library for it. Where the traditional approaches are targeted to only one domain. This session will clearly demonstrate that this innovative kernel module can be extended an any of the domains like workflow, BPM and orchestration.

At the end we conclude with showing how Graph Oriented Programming can be used as a building block for workflow engines, BPM systems and orchestration engines.

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