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Christian Weyer, Thinktecture

 Christian  Weyer Christian Weyer is co-founder of Thinktecture, a company aiding software architects and developers in realizing projects with .NET and distributed applications technologies. He is a recognized XML, Web Services and service-orientation expert, especially for his different thinking on various Web Service topics. As a Microsoft MVP for Solution Architecture and one of the few independent Microsoft Regional Directors, he has made a name for himself in the developer and software architects community. He has worked for many years with Microsoft technologies like COM/DCOM, COM+ and .NET. Christian has spoken at many well-known developer conferences and forums worldwide and is a published author, editor and writer of numerous articles various German and international technical magazines. Christian's weblog

Presentation: "From Dusk Till Dawn: Choose Your Approach to Design & Develop Web Services Applications on the .NET Platform"

Track:   .NET Best Practices

Time: Monday 14:30 - 15:30

Location: Conference Hall

Abstract: Method calls, message exchange? Code-first implementation, contract-first design? Tightly coupled dependency, loosely coupled communication? Generated static proxies, dynamic invocation? Trusting communication partners, validating everything? Web Services can be very confusing these days. We have a wide range of possibilities to design and develop Web Services applications. This session wants to demonstrate the most common possibilites to answer above questions and give guidance about when to use what. At the end of the day it is about you and your project. Do you need real interop, just firewall penetration - or do you want to do "SOA-ing"? Expect a hands-on presentation covering today's technologies for creating Web Services applications on the .NET platform.

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Presentation: "Introducing Windows Communication Foundation - The Unified Framework for Building Connected Systems"

Track:   Enterprise .NET Development

Time: Tuesday 11:00 - 12:00

Location: SAS Dania

Abstract: Indigo is Microsoft's unified framework for building service-oriented applications on the .NET platform. It enables developers to build secure, reliable, transacted solutions that integrate across platforms and interoperate with existing investments based on well-known ideas from the Web Services world. Indigo combines and extends the capabilities of existing distributed systems technologies, including COM+/Enterprise Services, MSMQ/System.Messaging, .NET Remoting, ASMX, and WSE to deliver a unified development experience. This session will provide a hands-on overview of Indigo and shows you how it will simplify the development of connected systems compared to today's technology stacks available on the Windows and .NET platform.

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