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Marc Bouchet, LIBeLIS

Marc  Bouchet

Marc Bouchet is the Co-founder and Strategic Partnership Manager of LIBeLIS. Before the founding of LIBeLIS, he was the Sales Director of a Californian DBMS vendor in Southern Europe. Marc Bouchet also served as the Sales Director of an IDE vendor in Europe. Earlier in his career, Marc worked as an R & D engineer for a UML CASE tool editor.

Marc holds a Master of Sciences in Computer Science from Napier University in Edinburgh and is a graduate of the Paris Academy of Computer Science (ESI SupInfo).

Presentation: "Measure and optimize J2EE applications"

Track:   Business

Time: Tuesday 15:45 - 16:30

Location: Balcony


Quest Software and LIBeLIS will demonstrate what it takes to detect and diagnose performances issues in J2EE applications. This presentation and demonstration covers an end to end coverage of system monitoring by showing an entire suite of Application System Management solutions for J2EE. It will specifically focus on performance issues related to Enterprise Information Access.

The demonstration used has no dependency on database models, so you will be shown how to detect, diagnose and solve these problems on the fly and monitor the results in a variety of real world enterprise configurations.