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Christoffer Skjoldborg, Consultant

Christoffer  Skjoldborg

Christoffer Skjoldborg is an independent consultant currently situated in Denmark. He has been working within IT for the past 10 years in various roles from managerial ones to highly technical ones.

Technically he is specialized within the MS .net platform and has extensive experience with implementation of Product Information Management Systems.

For the past year he has been working with general Application Framework Design on the MS .net platform.

Presentation: "Persistence lessons learned building the Valhalla framework"

Track:   Persistence

Time: Wednesday 14:15 - 15:15

Location: Dania


In this presentation we will discuss the requirements and implementation of a framework called Valhalla that is designed to support the Domain Model pattern in general and Domain-Driven Design in particular. The focus will be on the persistence perspective of the framework. We will discuss how we lessen the number of roundtrips, avoiding common bottlenecks in regards to key generation, the built in customizability, and many other aspects.

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