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Pete Soper, Sun Microsystems

Pete  Soper Pete Soper is a Staff Engineer in the Sun Microsystems Java Software engineering group and the Specification Lead of JSR-121, an effort to drive a process abstraction into Java. His interests include operating environments and language systems and the open source software movement. Before joining Sun, he explored human factors related to NASA manned space missions, created components of a portable operating system and realtime executives for communication products, and developed third generation language products for SMP systems.

Presentation: "What Java Application Isolation Can do for You"

Track:   Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition

Time: Monday 14:15 - 15:15

Location: Conference Hall 2

Abstract: Java isolation refers to perfect separation of the Java state of two applications or application components, in contrast to the partial isolation currently afforded by classloaders or the perfect isolation of multiple JVM instances that requires transitions out of and back into Java. An overview of the isolation APIs being defined by JSR-121 for future J2SE and J2ME revisions will be presented along with code examples, use cases and selected details.

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