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Niels Hilmar Madsen, Microsoft

Niels Hilmar Madsen

Niels is a Developer Evangelist in the Developer and Strategy Group in Microsoft Denmark.

Since Niels graduated as a MsC. in Engeneering from the Technical University of Denmark, he has worked extensively with software development. He has worked as a journalist for ComputerWorld, written books about C# and Windows XP, and before joining Microsoft, he worked as a .NET developer for Danmarks Nationalbank.

Niels enjoys exploring and presenting new technologies as much as he likes writing about them. And because doing this alone is "a mission impossible", Niels works very closely with the developer community in Denmark to get the Microsoft developer message out and just as important - to gather valuable feedback to the Microsoft product groups.

Right now Niels is focused on Visual Studio 2005, C# 2.0, Yukon and ASP.NET 2.0.

Presentation: "ASP.NET 2.0"

Track:   .NET Whidbey

Time: Tuesday 14:15 - 15:15

Location: Dania

Abstract: This session provides an overview of Visual Studio 2005 (codename "Whidbey"). How does the architecture in ASP.NET 2.0 look, and we look at some of the extensibility points that exists in the object model. Deployment of ASP.NET solutions has been greatly improved, and we'll describe the different options that are offered include FTP access. Features like membership and personalization, Web Part framework and data binding will be described and we will also look at the new capabilities to build "Operations-Friendly" applications with Instrumentation and Logging.

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