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Jørgen Thyme, Microsoft

Jørgen  Thyme

Jørgen works as an architect for Microsoft in Denmark. His job is primarily supporting and consulting large companies and partners in software architecture related topics and getting Microsofts view on architecture out to the architect community and not least explore SOA. Favorite technologies are middleware technologies, like MTS, COM+, message queuing and web services, and he still hopes that message queuing will not be forgotten.

He has more than 15 years of experience in professional software development - starting with building and testing financial systems on MVS, OS/2 and finally Windows. Before joining Microsoft in 1997 he worked as a senior consultant for Cap Gemini in Denmark. He could do a lot more blogging on www.rolighed.net/weblog.

Presentation: "Data in SOA"

Track:   Service-Oriented Architectures, SOA

Time: Monday 15:45 - 16:30

Location: Conference Hall 1

Abstract: Services provide a formal boundary of computing. Inside a service we typically find data that is needed for the operation of the service. In between services, we see the flow of operational requests and the transmission of data. This talk explores the difference between data on the outside that flows between services and data on the inside that is maintained for the internal use of the service.

As data is transmitted between services, we need to recognize that it is immutable and, once it is written, can only be changed by creating a new version for transmission. Schema definition and extensibility take on new importance in the world outside of services. This talk explores these design issues with an emphasis on pragmatic design choices made in the architecting of services and the interaction between them.

Finally, we examine the characteristic of SQL, Objects, and XML. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. We need all three but we need each in its place of strength.

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