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Rachel Davies

Rachel  Davies

Rachel Davies works as an independent coach and facilitator in UK. She is passionate about agile software development because it can increase the chance of success in the face of complex problems and recognizes that teams are made-up of individuals rather than resources.

She coaches in XP and Scrum flavours of agile and advocates the use of frequent retrospectives to help teams adapt their process to their context. Rachel was one of the task group who developed DSDM v4.2 and she uses some DSDM techniques to supplement XP planning practices at Egg internet bank.

Rachel feels it is important to share success stories, lessons learned and connect with others using agile techniques. For this reason she puts much of her spare time into the organization of agile events and work as an AgileAlliance director. You may contact her at rachel@agilexp.com

Presentation: "DSDM"

Track:   Agile Software Development

Time: Monday 15:45 - 16:30

Location: Nortvegia


This talk introduces core concepts of DSDM, Dynamic Systems Development Method, and how they relate to the Agile Manifesto. This method has been evolved by the DSDM consortium starting 10 years ago in an attempt to formalise RAD. Unlike other agile methods DSDM has a formal membership structure and well-established certification schemes for practitioners and trainers. This talk also explains how techniques from DSDM may be combined with an XP approach.

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Presentation: "Panel Agile"

Track:   Agile Software Development

Time: Monday 16:45 - 17:30

Location: Nortvegia