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Carsten H°jmose Kristensen, Systematic Software Engineering

Carsten H°jmose Kristensen Carsten is Business Unit Director at Systematic Software Engineering in Denmark. His fields of responsibility include business development, process improvement, quality assurance, competence development, and research and development. He has had the business responsibility for process improvement efforts in the company since 1998. He is MSc in Electrical Engineering and holds a PhD in Computer Science.

Presentation: "Implementing CMMI"

Track:   Software Process Improvement, SPI

Time: Wednesday 15:45 - 16:30

Location: Conference Hall 2


In this talk, we discuss our experiences with implementing CMMI level 4 and other improvement. Focus is on our best practices on implementing a project-based organization in an efficient way. Topics include central issues concerning project thinking versus corporate thinking, e.g. sharing best practices across projects and keeping people trained.

The nature of an improvement in general is that it implies a change in working habits. We will discuss our process of change including people's attitudes and behavior regarding the process versus organizational and project views. Does CMMI result in loss of freedom and lots of conformity?

We will summarize the lessons learned from our most important improvements and how these have affected the employees, projects, and organization. This includes some hard facts on the organizational benefits from the improvements.

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Presentation: "Panel SPI"

Track:   Software Process Improvement, SPI

Time: Wednesday 16:45 - 17:30

Location: Conference Hall 2