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Martine Devos, Avaya Researchlabs

Martine  Devos

A pioneer in agile methods Martine Devos used SCRUM for a large project for the Belgian government. She has since coached many project teams using agile methods.. She is a lifelong learner and searcher, generalist, currently zooming in on the application of systems thinking and system dynamics to learn about project dynamics. She loves to facilitate group meetings to encourage dialogue. If you want to learn more about organizational defenses, mental models, dialogue, requisite variety, adaptability and co-evolution of software and organization talk with her.

Martine works for Avaya Researchlabs in New Jersey.

Presentation: "SCRUM"

Track:   Agile Software Development

Time: Monday 13:00 - 14:00

Location: Nortvegia


Some have argued that Agile processes are not appropriate for large projects. Many of the success stories are just about small projects with exceptional people.

In this SCRUM session we will get a different story: a large project run using SCRUM a success and some less successful projects pretending to use SCRUM or agile - but omitting some of the basic principles - disasters.

Where is the difference? What should we expect of SCRUM? What are guarantees to make an 'agile' project fail? What increases our chances to succeed?

We will look at basic project dynamics and how SCRUM and agile make a can make a difference.

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Presentation: "Panel Agile"

Track:   Agile Software Development

Time: Monday 16:45 - 17:30

Location: Nortvegia