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Jesper Grankær Carøe, EOS Trifork

Jesper Grankær Carøe

Presentation: "The complete TDD project setup"

Track:   Test-Driven Development

Time: Tuesday 14:15 - 15:15

Location: Conference Hall 1


So you have decided to leave that old waterfall behind you: Your next system will use Test Driven Development (TDD) to ensure timely delivery, code that works, and best of all, happy customers!

Now what?

Based on a true J2EE TDD story delivered for The Danish Medicines Agency, this session will present the key factors, which made the project a success. The full project setup from management to test automation will be laid out complete with plans, architectural blueprints, and code samples.

In short: Attendees will be armed with a proven recipe for practial Test Driven Development.

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Presentation: "Panel TDD"

Track:   Test-Driven Development

Time: Tuesday 16:45 - 17:30

Location: Conference Hall 1