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Craig Russell, Sun Microsystems Inc.

Craig  Russell

Craig Russell graduated from Harvard University (B.A. '70 - '71) and started working with mainframe computers. His early experiences in applications and systems development included CICS with DL/I and network servers for personal computers. He later worked on persistent object interoperability among Smalltalk, C++, and JavaTM systems.

Craig served as the Java Chair of the Object Data Management Group and played a key role in the development of the ODMG 3.0 Java binding. He then led a team of major relational database and middleware vendors and users to propose, develop, and release Java Specification Request 12, Java Data Objects.

Concurrent with the development of the JDO standard, Craig led the implementation of the object-relational database engine for several Sun products. Craig currently is the architect for the Container Managed Persistence implementation of Sun Java Enterprise System, the object-relational mapping component of the J2EE application server.

Presentation: "Java Data Objects 2.0 Update"

Track:   Persistence

Time: Wednesday 11:00 - 12:00

Location: Dania


Since its release to the community, Java Data Objects has been implemented with several open source projects and over a dozen commercial products. During experience gained with developing applications in 2-tier, web services, web servers, and application servers, the community came together to define the next release.

The new Java Data Objects specification, JSR 243, now in Early Draft status, intends to improve usability in key areas of initialization, query, and disconnected operation. Initialization improvements allow users to more easily bootstrap in 2-tier, web, and application servers. Query enhancements provide for paging query results, projections, aggregates, and user-defined result classes. Disconnected operation makes multi-tier applications easier to develop.

The new EJB3 specification, JSR 220, has also reached Early Draft status, and there is significant overlap in its functionality compared to JDO. How will these two specifications affect the choices for enterprise developers?

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Presentation: "Panel Persistence"

Track:   Persistence

Time: Wednesday 16:45 - 17:30

Location: Dania