Welcome to the 8th annual JAOO!

The conference known for it's technical level and cosy atmosphere. Don't miss JAOO 2004, September 20-24, 2004, Denmark.

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Most of the presentation slides are now available for download from the schedule pages. The rest will be added as soon as we receive them.

Tutorial slides are not available. All tutorial participants have received a printed copy of the slides.

Winners of Exhibition Competitions

Several of the exhibitors had exciting competitions. See the winners from these competitions.

This year JAOO will focus both on Java and .NET

The JAOO conference covers many aspects of developing large software systems today: agile software development, J2EE best practices, design patterns, testing large systems and experiences from building large distributed systems. As a new thing JAOO includes extensive .NET coverage this year. The Program Committee believes that both J2EE and .NET technology are of high importance for today's developer.

Like previous years, we also have extensive coverage of the new technologies coming out, both in Java and .NET, web services, new standards, products, and open-source implementations; why are they here and how to use them.

JAOO 2004 is over!

Thank you all for a great conference!

See you at JAOO 2005, September 25 - 30

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JAOO is Made by Developers - for Developers

JAOO 2004 is the eighth annual conference organized by EOS. Back when we launched the first JAOO we felt that there were really no good developer conferences in our field - only highly commercial conferences with poor quality material. Now, almost eight years later, we have earned a reputation for producing some of the best technical conferences in the world. This reputation is alive both among the participants and the speakers.

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The conference presents in-depth presentations and tutorials by researchers, engineers and trend-setters in software engineering and technology.

Our Speakers are Developers Themselves

We select and invite the speakers to come here. Since JAOO is independent of commercial partners we are free to choose whom we would like to invite. This allows us to attract great speakers, and make a conference that we would like to attend ourselves. That's the basic philosophy. As it turns out, the speakers like coming here too. So much the better.

Many JAOO speakers are already gurus in their field. We also like to invite up-and-coming speakers, who are not (yet) well known. Our speakers are present at the conference and interested in collaborating with the participants, and since the conference attendance is limited to no more than 1000 people it is possible to feel like part of a group instead of a drop in the ocean. This year will be no exception regarding great speakers.