Klaus Marquardt, Dräger Medical AG

Klaus  Marquardt

Klaus Marquardt participates in object oriented software projects since 1993. His roles include developer, team lead, architect, coach, and consultant. Currently he works for Dräger Medical as lead software architect in large, often international projects, and as an in-house consultant for development processes and modular software architectures. His main interests are people, linking different worlds and views, patterns, and the relation between architecture and development culture.

Since 1998 he has published about patterns, architecture and methodologies. He has contributed and lead sessions at various conferences including OOPSLA, OOP, EuroPLoP, VikingPLoP, and OT. He has been program chair of EuroPLoP 2004, and member of the program committee of ASD 2004 and of EuroPLoP since 2002.

Tutorial: "Healing the Architecture"

Track:   Tutorials

Time: Thursday 09:00 - 12:00

Location: Suecia


Having a job title is an insufficient qualification for being a software architect. Seasoned architects have learned how to transition the architecture vision into the projects' reality. They are able to detect problems before they have become critical, and know a variety of different measures appropriate to the situation at hand.

This tutorial gives the participants a new way to look at software architecture, which is appropriate beyond the up-front architecture especially for projects in crises and agile development. The knowledge of early symptom recognition and selection of a reaction can be collected in the form of diagnoses and therapies. The tutorial covers problems related to organization and process, design and implementation, role and attitude in a mixture of lecture and interactive exercises. During the exercises, attendees have the opportunity to relate their experiences to already known and proven solutions, and to contribute to the body of knowledge.