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Eric Samson, LIBeLIS

Eric  Samson

Eric Samson is President and co-founder of LIBeLIS. Before founding LIBeLIS, Eric Samson was Technical Director for Versant (Californian ODBMS vendor) in Southern Europe, and founded Allware Concept a consulting company specializing in object technologies.

Prior to that, Eric Samson was a research engineer for Alcatel, and project leader and object mentor for companies like Elf and Air France. Eric Samson has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Science from Paris University, with a specialization in AI and Distributed Object Systems.

Presentation: "JDO"

Track:   JDO

Time: Tuesday 16:30 - 17:30

Location: Room 1


JDO is now widely recongnized as the unique long-awaited standard for Data Access from Java applications. Most solutions currently available focus on single data source, either relational databases or object databases. JDO 2 will soon complete the acceptance in the RDBMS arena, as it will fully standardize the O/R mapping.

There are also JDO solutions that facilitates Enterprise Data Access. These new solutions provides a unified vision to map any kind of data source from Object Domain Models. It is now possible to exchange data with external sources through Java to XML mapping, with the same benefits of using JDO with RDBMS. Owing to JDO, Domain Models can now be at the heart of the new Extended Information Systems, enforcing the Model-Driven and Service-Oriented Architectures.

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