JAOO is the premier European developer conference in Java™ technology and object-oriented software engineering. The conference presents in-depth presentations and tutorials by researchers, engineers and trend-setters in software engineering.


JAOO Conference History

JAOO started in Denmark in 1997. Last year (2003) 750 developers, engineers and project leaders from Northern Europe participated in the conference. JAOO is especially known for the high-level programme, serious non-marketing speakers and relaxed atmosphere. This year the 8th annual JAOO conference will take place in Denmark September 20 - 24.

The organizers, EOS (a Danish software house), choose a programme committee which selects and invites the speakers. Since EOS are independent of commercial partners, the members of the program committee are free to invite whoever they find appropiate. This independence allows us to attract great speakers and make a conference programme that we as developers would like to attend ourselves: That's the basic philosophy.


Welcome to JAOO Cannes

This year, for the first time, JAOO goes to France! The JAOO Symposium, May 24 - 26 2004, aims to attract developers in Southern Europe. Located in Cannes near the IT-centre Sophia Antipolis and the central airport in Nice, the stage is set for a successful event.

The intention of the JAOO Symposium is to create 3 days of interesting subjects, high level sessions and provocative theories in the field of Java and object-oriented software engineering.


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