Cannes Facts

With this symposium we want to attract developers from Southern Europe and it is no coincidence that the Symposium is located in Cannes.

Cannes was an easy geographical choice! Cannes is located central and with the international airport in Nice easy to access. Based in the mountains very close to Cannes is the large IT-area Sophia Antipolis.

Besides being easy traveling to, Cannes is also a city of beauty and cosyness. The mild climate makes a relaxed atmosphere along the mediterrian and we will enjoy it during the time of from the Symposium.

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Sophia Antipolis is a Science Park between Cannes and Nice on the French Riviera created by Senator Laffitte in 1970. Today there is more than 20 000 researchers in IT, 64 nationalities and 110 foreign companies are accounting for 25% of the workforce.University of Nice Sophia Antipolis has 30 000 students here. The workforce is a mixed international crowd about 50% are from the US and 50% from Europe.

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