Thomas Rix Christian Sellberg

Thomas Rix and Christian Sellberg


Thomas Rix is a Software Consultant at Eastfork Object Space with a teoretical background as M.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Aalborg University. His areas of expertise is Development of Object Oriented Software. Thomas Rix has worked om a variety of projects for various danish software companies. Thomas' specialty is distributed heterogeneous computing. The last few years he has been working as project manager and system constructor. Since the summer 1996 Thomas has been entirely devoted to Java development.

Abstract: JA'DK, PSIP for Java, a Java framework.

PSIP for Java is a Java framework allowing merchants or web-hotels to build Internet Merchant Servers interfacing with PBS International Internet Payment Gateway using the PBS SSL Internet Point Of Scale protocol (PSIP). The PSIP framework is based on the OpenSSL implementation of the SSL protocol and the ITISSL java extension of OpenSSL. The framework is build and tested for the Java 2 platform and certified by PBS.