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Doug Judd, Creator, Hypertable


Doug has over a decade of software engineering experience in the area of distributed computing and information retrieval. He joined Inktomi's Web Search division in 1997 where he held both engineering and management positions. During his five year tenure, he designed and developed large-scale distributed systems, including significant pieces of the crawling and indexing software.

Doug later joined Kosmix, Inc., where he built a distributed web crawler and scaled it to a billion documents. Earlier in his career he worked as an engineer at Verity, helping to develop VDK, the core developer toolkit. Doug currently holds the position of Principal Search Architect at Zvents, Inc., a local search engine.

His primary responsibility is to lead the development of Hypertable, a next generation, high performance, scalable, database. Doug earned a B.S. in Computer Science from U.C. Santa Barbara in 1992 and holds four patents in search technology.

Attended conferences

QConSF 2008