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Michael Fellinger, Weez International Ltd.


I'm 23 years old, born in austria 29.09.1984. First contact with computers around age 7 through my brothers and parents, using Delphi and later QBASIC.

Went to a technical school for glass-craft and design, did some work in PHP during that time. Started learning ruby in summer 2005, mostly using the Nitro webframework.

Through Nitro I met another developer who was struggling with a huge application and subsequently helped him. In the end this resulted in me getting a job where he worked, a real-estate adviser and fund in Tokyo/Japan.

Moved to Tokyo end of 2005 and have been living here ever since. Started working on Ramaze around end of September 2006, out of frustration with Nitro and its development.

The rest are changelogs, at least source-wise, the community around Ramaze is very active and constantly growing.

Attended conferences