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Peter Rodgers


Peter Rodgers was the instigator and leader of Hewlett-Packard Laboratory's Dexter research programme into the fundamentals of the Web architecture which, starting in the late 90's, led to the formative ideas for Resource Oriented Computing.

In 2002, Rodgers co-founded 1060 Research to continue the core research and to apply it practically. The result is 1060 NetKernel a general purpose ROC platform - based on what is sometimes called a "REST microkernel". Rodgers combines roles as CEO and co-architect of NetKernel and has grown the business from early-stage start-up to a profitable and mature middleware infrastructure vendor - the first and leading voice in the emerging Resource Oriented Computing field.

Rodgers background is in Physics, with a first class BSc in Physics from St. Andrews University and a PhD in solid-state Quantum Mechanics from the University of Nottingham. Much of the practical realisation of ROC has been informed by Physical principles and the NetKernel microkernel exploits a highly efficient thermodynamic view of information processes. Peter is also the co-author of Skills Matter's Training Courses on Resource Oriented Computing and NetKernel.

Attended conferences

QCon London 2008
QConSF 2008