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Jay Edwards

Jay Edwards is an Operations Engineer at Twitter, Inc., where he helps, well, make Twitter work. His professional interests include virtualization and parallel programming. He spends his personal time doing mathematics and cooking for his family. While he hasn't written any books, he does read a lot of them.

On the server side, I'm a big fan of the Solaris 10 family. On the client side, I personally use OS X. If someone could figure out a business model pushing SunRays or an equivalent thin client solution to the general consumer, I'd have my mom using it. I remain extremely fond of DB2 while primarily using PostgreSQL. My languages of choice are Python and Erlang.

"Once a chef, always a chef," someone said. In the kitchen I tend toward large cuts of beef or lamb, fish and soups. My cuisines of choice are North African and South East Asian. I grew up baking bread. Typically the only desserts I make are specialty ice creams and sorbets.

I like algebraic topology, complex manifolds and number theory. While I'm always very interested in the questions that applied math is aimed at solving, I really don't like the math too much.

I'm married; we have one daughter. I live in San Francisco with one cat. Wife, daughter, and dog are on their way.

Attended conferences

QCon London 2008