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Dalibor Topic, Sun's free and open source Java go-to guy


Dalibor Topic is a Java F/OSS Ambassador at Sun Microsystems, living in Hamburg, Germany. He's working with the OpenJDK community to firmly anchor Open Source Java SE in GNU/Linux distributions, and encourage porting it to new platforms, in order to help grow the OpenJDK developer community. He is currently keeping himself busy writing code for the jpkg tool for JDK 7.

He's been involved with Open Source Java since 2002, when he took over co-maintainership of the Kaffe project. Working with the GNU Classpath community, he's been instrumental in bringing several Java-oriented free software projects together around the GNU Classpath community, and now works on making it all happen again inside OpenJDK.

Attended conferences

JAOO 2009
QCon London 2008