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Chris Matts


Chris Matts is programme manager with a strong background in business analysis and development. He uses real options and agile project management techniques (Lean, Theory of Constraints, Business Value) to optimise the delivery of business value whilst effectively managing project risks. Chris has coached business and project teams in Agile Management, Analysis and Investment Banking for many years. He is a noted expert and speaker on Real Options, Agile Analysis and Business Value. He has a Masters degree in Mathematical Trading and Finance and a Masters Degree in Microelectronics and Software Engineering.

Currently, Chris is a business analyst consultant at Royal Bank of Scotland. Over the past 14 years, Chris has worked on derivative risk and trading systems at JP Morgan Chase, BNP Paribas, British Petroleum, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, Chase Manhatten (Pre Merger) and Robert Fleming.

Chris is also dedicated to increasing literacy and math competency for people worldwide and has spent the last five years studying adult learning. His passion for learning has led him to sponsor a school for children living with AIDS in South Africa. Contact Chris at chris.matts@gmail.com .

Attended conferences

QCon London 2008
QCon London 2009