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Andrew Watson, OMG

/alltime/images/speakers/andrew_watson.jpg After graduating from the University of Cambridge with first class honours in Computer Science and Engineering, Andrew spent two years at Hewlett-Packard's Bristol Research Centre, working on one of the first commercial X.400 implementations, and subsequently investigating the current state of software engineering practice within the company as a whole. He returned to Cambridge in 1987 to join Harlequin, then a newly-formed start-up with 12 staff, where he was one of the original designers and implementors of LispWorks, the company's ground-breaking Common Lisp programming environment for workstations, and later R&D manager, responsible for the company's extensive involvement in both British and European collaborative projects. (Harlequin has since been split into two companies; Global Graphics and Xanalys.) He joined the ANSA core team in 1989, working initially on the design of the ANSA Computational Model and DPL, a language realising that model. This evolved into work on type systems for distributed, object-oriented programming which has had a direct influence on the ODP reference model. When soaring conditions in the Cambridge area are poor, Andrew spends his time being Vice President and Technical Director at OMG, where he has overall responsibility for the technology adoption process, and also chair the Architecture Board, which oversees the technical consistency of OMG's specifications.

Attended conferences

JAOO 2003