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Paul Hudak, Yale University


Paul Hudak is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Yale University. He has been on the Yale faculty since 1982, and was Chairman from 1999-2005. He received his BS from Vanderbilt in 1973, his MS from MIT in 1974, and his PhD from the Univ. of Utah in 1982.

Prof. Hudak's research interests center on programming language design, theory, and implementation. In the 1980's he helped organize the Haskell Committee, and in 1988 was co-Editor of the first Haskell Report, which defined the first version of Haskell. His most recent interest is in the design of domain-specific languages for robotics, graphics and animation, music, sound synthesis, and real-time systems, as well as in techniques for embedding such languages in Haskell.

Prof. Hudak has published over one hundred papers and one book. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Functional Programming, and a founding member of IFIP Working Group 2.8 on Functional Programming. Among his honors are an IBM Faculty Development Award, an NSF Presidential Young Investigator Award, and selection as a Fellow of the ACM.

Attended conferences

QConSF 2007
QConSF 2008