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Beth Massi

/QConSF2007/speaker_photos/beth_massi.jpg Beth Massi is a Program Manager at Microsoft on the VS Community Team working with the Visual Basic Team producing developer content on MSDN ( http://msdn.com/vbasic) and her blog ( http://blogs.msdn.com/bethmassi). As a VB community champion and a member of the Microsoft community she helps run a .NET user group in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a frequent speaker at various software development events. Before Microsoft she was a Senior Systems Architect at a health care software product company and was a Microsoft Solutions Architect MVP. Over the last decade she has worked on distributed applications and frameworks using Visual Basic.NET, ASP.NET, SQL-Server, and Visual FoxPro. She has worked on various projects including developing object-oriented middle-tier frameworks, COM, .NET, Web and Windows-based applications using Microsoft development tools for a variety of businesses. She loves teaching, mountain biking, and modifying cars.

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QConSF 2007