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Rob Harrop

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Rob is a software consultant specializing in delivering high-performance, highly scalable enterprise applications. He is an experienced architect with a particular flair for understanding and solving complex design issues. With a thorough knowledge of both Java and .NET, Rob has successfully deployed projects across both platforms. He has extensive experience across a variety of sectors, in particular retail and government.

Rob is the author of five books, including Pro Spring, a widely acclaimed, comprehensive resource on the Spring Framework.

Rob has been a core developer of the Spring Framework since June 2004 and currently leads the JMX and AOP efforts. In addition to his work on the Spring core, Rob leads the Spring Modules project, which is working to provide Spring integration for a variety of popular useful open source tools. He co-founded UK-based software company Cake Solutions Limited in May 2001, having spent the previous two years working as Lead Developer for a successful dotcom start-up.

Rob is a member of the JCP and is involved in the JSR-255 Expert Group for JMX 2.0.

Attended conferences

QCon London 2007
QConSF 2008