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Peter Zadrozny, Oracle

/alltime/images/speakers/peter_zadrozny.jpg Peter Zadrozny is vice president and chief evangelist for Oracle Application Server at Oracle Corporation.\\\\Mr. Zadrozny joined Oracle following his role as chief technologist of BEA Systems for Europe, Middle East and Africa. He held this role since starting WebLogic Inc.'s operations in Europe in 1998. Prior to his position at BEA, Mr. Zadrozny held various executive and technical roles in many countries around the world for companies such as Macromedia, McKesson, Electronic Data Systems, Petroleos de Venezuela and Sun Microsystems, for whom he started their operations in Mexico.\\\\Involved in the computer industry since 1976, Mr. Zadrozny began his career working with the Unix operating system (research version 6). Since then he has played an active role in architecting, developing and integrating enterprise level applications in the areas of artificial intelligence, nuclear engineering, computer security, CAD/CAM, compilers, oil and gas, and On Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) systems. Mr. Zadrozny has also designed and administered large computer networks and is responsible for the design and implementation of one of the first large commercial Unix based networks in the United States.


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