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Scott Violet, Sun Microsystems Inc.

/alltime/images/speakers/scott_violet.bmp Scott Violet is a member of the JFC/Swing team at the JavaSoft division of Sun. Scott is one of the principal developers of the Swing text package and the primary author of the Swing Tree component. He's published many technical articles on these topics, see www.theswingconnection.com. Before working on Swing, Scott developed applications for OpenStep/NEXTSTEP. He has a BS in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. The details on the talk of Scott Violet is not in place at this moment, some of the reasons is that it has some new technologies which has not yet been announced. Anyway Scott will talk on how to make advanced designs that performs well with Swing and he will talk of the future of Java seen from a GUI point of view.

Attended conferences

JAOO 2000