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Kristian Elof Sørensen, Icon Medialab

Consulting Since March 2003 I have been available for consulting work. During this period I have done J2EE and SQL work for TDC KabelTV, Debitel, and SDC mostly in BEA WebLogic and Oracle, and I have created course materials and taught courses on XML and Java to employees from a number of companies including DSB, Tryg and Iocore. Moving FinansSystem into the Java world From september 2001 to february 2003 I worked for a software company in Copenhagen that builds a banking system. My job is to be the in-house mentor in OO and Java for their effort to move away from a 4GL on mainframe to an object oriented system implemented using EJBs and jsp/custom tags/servlets on BEA WebLogic talking to DB2 on a mainframe. Java@Icon Starting marts 2000 I worked for the Copenhagen office of Icon Medialab where I acted as technical lead on Java development projects, was the in-house mentor on java and object technology as well as set up the working environment for java projects using cvs, make and friends. My work at Icon was centered around the ATG Dynamo Java application server, on top of which we built e-commerce sites such as this one. Since Icon was a global organization I got to deal with subcontractors from France, was stationed in Germany for a while and most of the projects I worked on had participants from several countries. SIAB From Marts 1999 until Marts 2000 I worked at a software company called Snabel in Copenhagen (now sold to norwegian Itera). Their main product was the document handling system SIAB. I was hired to take over responsibility for the development of the Java half of this document handling system. It's a GUI application that authors uses to write text and set up the layouts of pages. It was implemented in Java as an applet frontend with some server side code. The codebase amounted to fourty thousand lines of java. This document handling system is the primary daily work tool for hundreds of employees at the largest customers. I created a build system that made customer specific distributions of this authoring tool from one source tree. This was done with gnu make, cvs, perl and a Linux box. I created a lot of parsers during this job. The most challencing one was a html+extensions parser that could parse defective code originating from sources including wordperfect->word->html converters and handwritten html with typing mistakes. This parser was integreated into the authoring tool, as well as used in several server applications. It was created using ANTLR. This job gave me experience working with government clients. I got the idea for, then implemented a tool that creates graphs both for the web and for pre-press in the same operation from data entered through a webform or sent from another application. In-data is turned into a low resolution gif/png that's immediately put on a webserver, as well as into a high resolution EPS version that's sent to pre-press. The output can be seen at landsbladet.dk as well as in their weekly paper publication. The tools used were Gimp, perl-fu, mod_perl and a Linux box. Consulting From spring 1996 until marts 1999 I was available for consulting work. During this time I: created database backed websites with mod_perl and MySQL developed a webspider and used it to create custom surveys for marketing departments and the like. wrote Java applets wrote a full screen platform game as a Java applet that ran on a 133 MHz 486 using only 10% of the cpu resources performed Linux and network admin work worked over the net on software development projects in different countries or even continents co-started and co-maintained The Linux Resource Exchange MouseHouse I started doing Internet work back in 1995, where I worked at a MultiMedia company called MouseHouse. My work there included creating and teaching courses on the topic "what is this Internet thing?" targeted at mid-level managers and other interested people, and creating websites. Remember those days? People were asking "do I have to learn HTML to use Internet?" and Internet started being mentioned more than once a week in daily newspapers The most importent project was to create the first website for the Danish ministry of Culture.

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