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Mark Cathcart, IBM

/alltime/images/speakers/mark_cathcart.jpg Mark Cathcart is technology strategist to IBM Corporate Technology Marketing where he has responsibility for Linux, Open Source, Java and XML. Previously, he was Principal Consultant for OS/390 New Technology incl. Java, EJB, Component Software, e-business et al. His first presentation to IBM on XML was in late 1997, almost 2-years before the official IBM XML Launch in 9/99. Mark had the first ever demonstration of linking Java to legacy systems at WWW5 in Paris in 1996, and more recently(8/98) was part of the IBM Academy of Technology project to redesign Java for IBM Servers.Mark is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology, the IBM S/390 Software Design Council and an IBM UK Technical Staff Member.

Attended conferences

JAOO 1999
JAOO 2000