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Per Bothner, The Portola Group

/alltime/images/speakers/per_bothner.jpg Per Bothner has a Cand.Scient. degree from Oslo, Norway, and a Ph.D. from Stanford (1988). He worked for Cygnus Solutions 1991-1999 on the GNU compiler, debugger, and run-time libraries. He was the technical leader of Cygnus's Java group from it was formed, and Gcj (the "GNU Compiler for the Java platform") is based on his ideas (and to some extent his code). Per currently works on agents for web browsing, for an as-yet-unnamed spin-off from The Portola Group. Per is the author of a number of free software utilities, including the Emacs terminal emulator "term", the Linux stdio implementation, and the Kawa compiled-Scheme-in-Java system.

Attended conferences

JAOO 1999