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Anil Hemrajani, Independent Consultant

Anil Hemrajani has been working with Java Technology since late 1995 as a developer, entrepreneur, author, and trainer. He is the founder of Isavix Corporation, a successful IT service company (acquired in 2003), and DeveloperHub.com (formerly isavix.net; acquired in 2004), an award-winning online developer community that grew to over 100,000 registered members. He has twenty years of experience in the Information Technology community working with several Fortune 100 companies and also smaller organizations. He has published numerous articles in well known trade journals, presented at conferences and seminars around the world and received the "Outstanding Contribution to the Growth of the Java Community" award from Sun Microsystems, the "Best Java Client" award at JavaOne for BackOnline, a Java-based online backup client/server product, and was nominated for a Computerworld-Smithsonian award for a free online file storage service web site. His more recent project is the visualpatterns.com web site.


Attended conferences

JAOO 2006