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Michael A. Bragen, Software Productivity Research LLC

/alltime/images/speakers/michael_bragen.jpg Michael Bragen, Chief Technology Officer, is a partner in the management consultancy Software Productivity Research LLC. A software industry analyst, author, and consultant, Mr. Bragen has over 20 years of experience in the fields of strategic management for information systems, and software engineering management. Mr. Bragen's experience centers on the management and implementation of engineering technologies and processes that support, leverage, and enhance business activity. In his role as Director of Product Management for SPR, Mr. Bragen has primary responsibility for design, product direction, and marketing of KnowledgePLAN®, an award-winning, flagship software estimation solution.

As a consultant, Mr. Bragen has had international industry experience in a variety of industry sectors, including telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing, retail, utilities, and government/defense. He has significant experience in conducting capability assessments, designing improvement plans, building and launching internal measurement organizations, and in providing support to litigation activity through applied software project management forensics.

Prior to joining SPR, Mr. Bragen operated an international consulting practice focused on software engineering process management, specializing in metrics and measurement related to quality and productivity improvement, and management of the software development life cycle. He has directed numerous client efforts to assess capability, develop therapeutic strategies, communicate, and implement improvement efforts to project, program, and senior management teams in organizations across industry.

As a software engineering metrics specialist, Mr. Bragen has maintained a Certified Function Point Specialist certification continuously since 1992, and is active in the International Function Point Users Group, and numerous organizations dedicated to quality management, metrics and measurement.

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