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David Heinemeier Hansson, 37signals

/alltime/images/speakers/david_hh.jpg David Heinemeier Hansson is a programmer and evangelist of Less Software. He's the creator of applications like Instiki, Basecamp, and Ta-da, and works with the open source community and design extraordinaires 37signals. Since the release in late July 2004, he's also been the leading the development of Ruby on Rails, a web application framework and environment for building real-world applications with joy and less code than most frameworks spend doing XML sit-ups.


Attended conferences

JAOO 2005


We need both engineers and artists in programming
So how do we get more women into Rails?
Alpha male programmers aren't keeping women out
I'm an R rated individual
Favorite recent photographs
Bringing Merb's provides/display into Rails 3
Work on what you use and share the rest
Myth #6: Rails only speaks English
Myth #5: Rails is hard because of Ruby
Myth #4: Rails is a monolith