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Björn Granvik, Jayway

/alltime/images/speakers/bjorn_granvik.jpg Björn Granvik is R & D Manager at Jayway, a company focused on Java. He is responsible for furthering the company's technical competence.He mixes coding with seminars, architecture with café latte and late night hacking with wife and three children. He actually believes that code can be fun and beautiful.In his 15 years as programmer and architect, his career has ranged from the detailed to the general, from C++ to Java, from game development to enterprise systems and then some. Add to this a penchant for sharing knowledge and a large helping of architecture-that-works-in-real-life and you get a fair picture of this not particularly hairy person. Björn has many seminars and articles on various Java topics on his conscience, but his true kaizen remains the continuous improvement of coding.

Attended conferences

JAOO 2005