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Kent A. Johnson, TeraQuest

/alltime/images/speakers/KentJohnson_thumbnail.jpg Kent A. Johnson is the Director of Systems Engineering for TeraQuest and an SEI-authorized CBA IPI Lead Assessor, an authorized SCAMPI Lead Assessor, and an authorized CMMI Instructor. Kent's background includes over 25 years experience in development of complex software-intensive systems. He provides training, consulting, and assessments for clients working to improve their systems and software development capabilities. He works with clients in a variety of industries, and has successfully helped organizations go from Level 1 to Level 5. He has conducted over 20 formal assessments, including systems engineering assessments and several high maturity software assessments. Internationally, he has helped clients in nine countries improve their systems and software processes.

He is a former Project Manager of the Process and Methods Program at the Software Productivity Consortium (SPC). While at the SPC he co-authored and led the team that created the software and system development method used by over 800 engineers in a dozen companies for the development of the F-22 Advanced Tactical Fighter. He is also a co-author of the book Ada 95 Quality and Style. Prior to joining the SPC, Kent was a Senior Engineering Scientist at the Electronics and Space Division of Emerson Electric Company, where he successfully managed the development and integration of several complex software-intensive systems.

Kent presents tutorials on systems and software engineering, process improvement, and development methodologies at international conferences.


Attended conferences

JAOO Symposium